Louisiana man charged for murdering his wife

20 days ago

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A Louisiana man blamed for murdering his wife almost 10 years back is having his preliminary postponed as a result of the continuous coronavirus pandemic, as per a report.

Oscar Lozada, 45, was planned to start his trial Monday in Baton Rouge on a second-degree murder accusation in the killing of Sylviane Finck Lozada, The Advocate announced. However, Lozada's lawyer and Assistant District Attorney Dana Cummings mentioned a deferral, referring to the progressing pandemic.

Lozada is blamed for murdering his wife and discarding her body after the 51-year-old secondary teacher disappeared in 2011. Her remaining parts have not been found.

Lozada and the couple's then 4-year-old little girl fled to his nation of origin of Venezuela around the hour of his wife's vanishing, specialists said. He was captured in 2018 after specialists found him in Mexico.

Lozada turned down a proposal in March to concede to murder and obstruction of justice in return for a 50-year sentence, The Advocate announced at that point. The arrangement would have kept the case from going to trial.