Police arrests suspect in killing of officer in Seattle

20 days ago

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A man who killed one cop and injured another while escaping from a traffic stop in a Seattle suburb was discovered hiding on a close-by housetop and captured without occurrence early Tuesday, police said.

A tweet from the Bothell Fire Department around 11 p.m. PST said two Bothell officials were "down" after a pursuit. Bothell police Captain Mike Johnson later reported that one of them was executed.

For a large portion of the night, Bothell police said they were searching for a male speculate who was armed and wearing a gray tank top and loose baggy pants. They in the long run discovered him close by, police stated: “Subject was located hiding on a rooftop near the scene.”

It's unclear what started the pursuit and ensuing shooting.

Bothell Fire Department representative Nicole Strachila said the subsequent official was taken to Harborview Medical Center. The official was in "acceptable" condition, KING-TV announced.

In a tweet, Bothell Councilman Mason Thompson said he was "heartbroken."

“My prayers are with the officers who have been shot and their families,” Thompson said.