3-year-old Kansas girl begged grandparents to stay with them months before death likely at dad’s hands

21 days ago

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The grandparents of the Kansas toddler who was found deceased in the woods revealed that they were very concerned about her safety that they asked the Department of Children and Families to intervene and remove her from her abusive father’s custody.

Olivia Jansen, 3, was first reported missing by her father, Howard Jansen III, on Friday morning hours after he was supposed to do. By the evening, Olivia’s body was found in woods, and her father was arrested and charged with first-degree murder after failing to provide a consistent story about her disappearance.

“She was always so unhappy to go home,” Olivia’s grandma said. “She would frown and say, ‘You love me? You’re not mad at me? I come back? I come back?’ and I told her, ‘I will hurt anybody who keeps you away from me.”