Father charged with murder in drowning of toddler in private pool

21 days ago

Wichita news, Kansas news.

A Wichita father didn’t intend to kill his 2-year-old boy when he brought him and his older brother to a neighborhood pool on July 7 while he was intoxicated.

44-year-old William K. Kabutu faces first-degree felony murder and second-degree unintentional murder under reckless circumstances in connection with the drowning of his younger son.

Kabutu was drunk when he took the children into a private mobile home swimming pool and allowed them to slip through a fence and swim. The man who didn’t see his kids in a while wanted to join them but was too large.

The younger child jumped into waters and drowned before a passerby reported him floating on the surface. Emergency staff declared him dead at the scene.