Hispanic man deliberately crashes car into motorcyclist killing him: ‘All Harley riders are white racists’

24 days ago

Fond Du Lac news, Wisconsin news.

A Wisconsin car driver is behind bars after he allegedly admitted to police that he fatally crashed into a Harley rider because he might be “a white racist.”

27-year-old Daniel Navarro was charged with homicide as a hate crime after confessing to intentionally striking a police officer and ex-marine Philip Thiessen, 55, who was riding a Harley Davidson on Friday evening.

“Navarro told detectives that he believed the person driving the motorcycle was white because in Wisconsin, white people drive Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and the Harley culture was made up of white racists,” Sheriff Ryan Waldschmidt explained.

The Hispanic suspect also said that he has been harassed because of his race and even poisoned by racist coworkers.