Hispanic couple chased and threatened with a gun by a Colorado CEO after they took a wrong turn into his driveway

3 month ago

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The CEO of an energy advancement organization in Colorado deals with criminal charges after he purportedly held a minority couple at gunpoint after they unintentionally moved toward his carport while attempting to discover the area of their friend's wedding practice party.

Chris Ochoa and his girlfriend were en route to the gathering in the territory of Elk Canyon Estates in Sedalia on June 12 when the GPS drove them to an inappropriate house, which belonged to Paul Favret.

As they made a U-turn out of Favret's carport, Ochoa says he was trailed by an enormous red truck, and Favret got out, pulled out a firearm and came around to Ochoa's open window on the driver's side of his vehicle, pointing the weapon at him and undermining that he was “going to blow our head off!” Ochoa wrote in a Facebook post.

"We had our hands up, pleading that we were only looking for my friend's wedding party and that we were not doing anything wrong," Ochoa wrote. "We apologized for turning around in his driveway but he would not put the gun down. He was unmoved and didn't care about any of our rationales."

"He remained in rage for what felt like an eternity. My girlfriend was able to take a few pictures as he moved towards the front of our rental car, and she called 911 as well because we felt in danger as he kept pointing the gun at our faces and continued to tell us how much he wanted to kill us," the post continued.

Favret at first denied pointing a firearm at the couple however later confessed to doing so when officials went up against him with the photos, as indicated by reports by 9 News.

Ochoa at first declined to press charges against Favret in light of the fact that the family who lived in the home he was aiming to visit deterred him from doing as such to maintain a strategic distance from "drama," and took steps to drop the wedding in the event that he did.

Ochoa, who recognizes as Mexican-American, requested that the DCSO revive the case since his closest friend's wedding is finished.