Remains of man missing since 2015 found in home of friend trying to flee disguised as sister

27 days ago

Anchorage news, Alaska news.

Alaska authorities had finally located the remains of a missing man after spending five years looking for evidence that could link the main suspect to his disappearance.

55-year-old Jay Osmond Gardner was already considered a person of interest in the case of his friend, Daniel Roy Buckwalter, 46, after police found the missing car near Gardner’s home days after he vanished in August 2015.

Despite conducting several searches of the residence, officers were unable to hint Buckwalter’s remains until they obtained a recent search warrant. It became possible when Buckwalter was apprehended in the airport on March 25, trying to flee the state disguised as his sister.

On April 20, police discovered Buckwalter’s heavily decomposed body under floorboards and three feet of dirt inside Gardner’s home.