8 Shreveport police officers accused of the use of excessive power

1 month ago

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A Louisiana grand jury has blamed eight cops for utilizing over the top power in capturing two men after a pursuit in January. A lead prosecutor said Tuesday that a fantastic jury charged each official on Monday with one include of misbehavior in office.

Investigators have dropped all charges against Chico Bell and Damon Robinson, the men who were captured, in light of the pointless utilization of power by Shreveport police, Attorney James Stewart Sr. said in a news discharge.

“All parties are innocent until proven guilty and in order to preserve the officers rights to due process I will not make any further comments at this time,” he said in an emailed statement.

The eight officials have fortified out of prison, Stewart said. All are on leave, said Sgt. Angie Willhite, a police representative.

Stewart said during online newsgathering that cases including the different passings of two Black men while in Shreveport Police authority are not yet prepared to present to an amazing jury, and he was unable to state when that would happen.

“We are playing catch-up on two months” without grand juries because of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, he said.

Run camera video indicated that once the truck halted, the two men "lifted their hands, and afterward stuck two hands up out of the windows of the truck, in a clear endeavor to give up without obstruction." However, the announcement stated, Shreveport officials got Bell out through the driver's side window, "striking, kicking and tasing him to the middle and different regions of his body." His wounds incorporated a messed up eye attachment, the announcement said.

One Shreveport official punched Robinson a few times through the open traveler's window while others held his hands, the news discharge said. It said the officials at that point took him to the ground, where one official obviously hit his face with an electric lamp despite the fact that Robinson's hands were despite his good faith. "Robinson's nose was broken in a few places," the announcement said.

He was captured on a charge of opposing an official.