Fired Kentucky officer who fatally shot sleeping Breonna Taylor appeals termination

1 month ago

Louisville news, Kentucky news.

The Kentucky police officer who gunned down Breonna Taylor on March 13 was fired on Tuesday and is now appealing his termination.

Former officer Brett Hankinson had 10 days to appeal his termination described by his defense team as a “cowardly political act” and a hasty decision taken without considering facts.

Hankinson and two other Louisville officers raided Taylor’s home and fatally shot her as she slept in her bed after firing ten shots at her apartment and a neighboring unit. They claimed they were executing a no-knock warrant and were returning gunfire to her boyfriend, but without evidence.

“I find your conduct a shock to the conscience,” Chief Robert Schroeder told Hankinson. “I am alarmed and stunned you used deadly force in this situation.”