Arkansas police trooper kills a man who stabbed an officer

2 months ago

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Arkansas State Police said Sunday that a man associated with taking a taxi was lethally shot by a trooper after he wounded another law office in Little Rock.

Aloysius Keaton, 58, of Little Rock, lost his life on Saturday night at a medical clinic where he was taken after the shooting, as indicated by a police proclamation.

The names of the trooper who shot Keaton and the Arkansas Highway Patrol official who was cut were not discharged.

As indicated by police, Keaton slammed the taken taxi and ran from the vehicle around 7 p.m. Saturday while leaving Interstate 30 onto a city road. Police say he at that point cut the Highway Patrol official who attempted to capture him.

Keaton fled the scene, yet was discovered close by the trooper, as per the police explanation.

The man was moving toward the trooper with a weapon, as per police, when the trooper previously attempted to utilize an immobilizer on him. The police proclamation says that the trooper fired man when the immobilizer didn't stop him.

State police said the Highway Patrol official was dealt with and discharged from a medical clinic. The trooper, who is presently on paid leave, was unharmed.