Toronto police officer charged for beating a dark-skinned man who lost eye

1 month ago

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A Toronto cop has been held guilty for an assault in the beating of a youthful dark-skinned man who lost an eye when he was captured in 2016.

Examiners claimed Constable Michael Theriault, who was off work at that point, and his sibling Christian pursued Dafonte Miller in the early hours of the morning, cornering the then 19-year-old between two homes in Whitby, Ontario, and beating him so seriously with a channel that his left eye burst.

The Theriaults argued not guilty to disturbing ambush and violating the justice corresponding to the Dec. 28, 2016, episode and its consequence. The appointed authority sentenced the official and vindicated his sibling.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Joseph Di Luca conveyed his decision Friday. Michael Theriault will be condemned sometime in the future and faces as long as five years in prison.

Miller expressed gratitude toward the network for help.

“Now an officer has been held accountable to some extent,” he said. “There's a lot of people in my position who don't get the same backing that I got.”