Experts worried about bird flu that overpowers all pandemics: ‘The monster lurking undergrowth’

1 month ago

US news.

Like if the coronavirus pandemic wasn’t enough, scientists are now thinking about a much worse illness that they believe will be coming from unsanitary and stacked chicken farms: The apocalyptic bird flu.

Dr. Michael Gregor described the virus that causes the fatal illness as “the monster lurking in the undergrowth.” He described the flu as the result of the 1920 Spanish Flu’s virus that has never rested but continued mutating to the point of becoming “the typhoon to end all typhoons.”

Gregor’s worries came just weeks after environmentalists warned that humanity would be facing a stronger epidemic that will likely be ignited by wildlife contact: “With pandemics explosively spreading a virus from human to human, it’s never a matter of if, but when,” Gregor adds.