SpaceX to raise a Go/no-go poll for launch

1 month ago

California news, US news.

In Florida's Space Coast, a large storm just moved in, preventing the astronauts from the launch, and it doesn't look that the storm is moving away any soon.

Launch officials said that the weather is currently a no go, and that they are stopping the launch for now. After setting everything up, the rain stopped SpaceX from happening. However, it is still possible for the sky to clear in time for launch.

A decision may come about 45 minutes ahead of the 3:22 pm ET liftoff time which was agreed upon before.

After 3:22 pm ET, the Go/no-go poll will officially begin. Meaning that launch controllers in Florida will check in with mission controllers at SpaceX's headquarters in California and weather officials at the 45th Space Wing, to make sure everyone is comfortable moving forward.