US FDA Scientists said that a combination of drugs may work against COVID-19

1 month ago

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On Friday, a team of US Food and Drug Administration scientists said that a combination of antivirals, anti-inflammatories, and other drugs will likely be needed to treat people with coronavirus,

The FDA team said in a review of the treatments being tested against COVID-19 that it might be necessary to customize treatment patient by patient.

FDA drug researcher Montserrat Puig and colleagues wrote in a report published in Frontiers of Immunology that it is becoming increasingly clear that there is no single treatment for the disease but a combination of several drugs that target different key factors of COVID-19.

The researchers added that there may be a need to create personalized therapeutic approaches since there are no available vaccines to cure COVID-19. According to him, patients may be differently affected by SARS-CoV-2 and many other factors may influence the disease's symptoms.

Montserrat Puig and his colleagues reviewed around 30 different drugs, such as those meant to stop the virus from getting into cells, those that are meant to stop the virus from replicating, drugs that are responsible for controlling the immune system response, and drugs that block the overwrought inflammatory response to the virus.

No drug is approved to specifically treat coronavirus infections, although the FDA has given emergency use authorization to the antiviral drug Remdesivir.