A Supreme Court rejectes request from California church to lift up restrictions on number of people who can attend

1 month ago

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A 5-4 Supreme Court ruling has refused a request from a California church to not restrict the number of people who can attend religious services during the coronavirus pandemic.

Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the liberals on the bench and wrote separately to explain his vote.

He said that even if California's restrictions apply for places of worship, they appear consistent with the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment. He added that the same if not more severe restrictions apply to other gatherings such as lectures, concerts, movie screenings, and other performances where large gatherings of people happen, with people grouping in proximity for long periods of time.

Reopening churches has become one of the most important debates during the coronavirus period. As states across the country are gradually reopening their cities, some churches have argued that they are being treated differently than other businesses or groups.