Man charged with fraud for a false claim of his COVID-19 infection

2 months ago

Georgia news, US news.

Federal prosecutors said that a man in Georgia was charged with defrauding his employer by making false claims about his infection with COVID-19.

According to a news release from the US attorney's office in Atlanta, Santwon Antonio Davis, 34, of Morrow, a suburb of Atlanta, worked for a Fortune 500 company with a facility in the Atlanta area.

He submitted a false medical record to the company, which resulted in closing the facility for cleaning "in concern for its employees and customers," and paid employees during the shutdown.

According to the US attorney's office, this incident cost the corporation more than $100,000 and obliged other employees to go on unnecessary quarantine.

"The defendant caused unnecessary economic loss to his employer and distress to his coworkers and their families," US Attorney Byung J. Pak said.

An FBI agent said that the company contacted Davis several times to get a copy of a positive COVID-19 test but he never provided it. Davis has since admitted he did not have COVID-19, according to the US attorney's office.