TSA releases guidelines for airline passengers

2 months ago

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According to the Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf, as the Transportation Security Administration is adjusting its staff, now that more people are willing to take the skies, there will be longer air travel security lines.

On Thursday, more than 300,000 people were recorded through airport security checkpoints, the first time that has happened since March.

In eight weeks, it is the first time that daily traffic at checkpoints records more than 10% of the number of people screened last year.

The TSA announced that it will invest more effort to reduce person-to-person contact during security checks with travelers scanning boarding passes and they will also have to pack food in a separate bag so that officers will have to search fewer bags.

Wolf said that TSA officers will wear masks and travelers are also encouraged to do so, even if it is not required when going through checkpoints.

Wolf said that as the economy is getting back to its routine, he thinks that it is better to keep travel restrictions on China and parts of Europe.