Yo-Yo Ma holding a free concert on Sunday

2 months ago

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This weekend, award-winning cellist Yo-Yo Ma performed on CNN this morning on the eve of a free concert he decided to hold to honor coronavirus victims.

On Sunday at 3 p.m, Ma's performance will be streamed on Youtube and public radio and TV stations.

He compared music to hugging people, as the pandemic forbids anyone from receiving physical touch.

“Music can caress. So it can hug. The air moves and you feel you are touched, literally touched by the air that moves around you, and so I think it is something that gives comfort,” Ma said.

Ma chose a composition from Bach to play on Sunday, as he did this morning.

“I think the music of Bach is especially appropriate because I think it is music that can soothe, can console, and can also bolster,” he said. “And I think it does encompass the full range of human emotion, and of what humans relationships are with nature and the universe.”