New York records largest drop in unemployment

8 month ago

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According to a statement from the state's Department of Labor, New York state lost 1.7 million private-sector jobs, almost 22%, in April 2020.

The New York State Department of Labor said that approximately 6,467,600 private-sector jobs in New York remain.

According to the NYS DOL, this is New York’s largest monthly employment drop on record. Followed by the trade, transportation, and utility sector, the leisure and hospitality sector experienced the largest drop in employment.

The NYS DOL said that in April, New York state’s overall unemployment rate went up from 4.1% to 14.5%, while New York City’s unemployment rate increased from 4.2% to 14.7%, thus being the largest monthly increase on record since current record-keeping began in 1976,

The new figures come from preliminary results from the US Department of Labor’s business and household surveys for April 2020, according to the NYS DOL.