Trump discussed churches reopening with CDC

8 month ago

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On Thursday, President Trump said that he discussed the reopening of churches with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“You’re going to see some incredible numbers, starting in June/July, you’re going to see some incredible numbers because it’s coming back and it’s coming back fast,” Trump said. “I spoke to the CDC today about churches. We’ve gotta get our churches open. We’ve gotta get our country open.”

Trump said it was Pastor Darrell Scott, who was at the listening session, who suggested he discuss reopening churches.

“A man called me and he said ‘You’ve gotta open the churches. You’ve gotta open them.’ And he’s somebody I respect a lot. He’s a great pastor and he’s loved in his community,” Trump said while introducing Scott.

Trump also slammed Democratic governors who thought it was "good politics" to keep their states closed.

"I think churches are essential," Trump said. He said the CDC guidelines will be released "maybe tomorrow, maybe today."

Trump just went on a trip to Michigan, where he toured a Ford Motor plant that manufactures ventilators for the COVID-19 epidemic.

The visit to Ypsilanti, outside Detroit, comes a day after he criticized top state leaders and threatened to withhold federal funding over the state's mail-in balloting effort.