Trump says there will be another stimulus bill

8 month ago

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Responding to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s comments earlier Thursday, President Trump said today that there will be a second stimulus bill for Americans.

“I think we will. I think we’re going to be helping people out. We’re gonna be getting some money for them during the artificial cause it really is it’s an artificial closure, and now we’re gonna be able to open it up,” Trump said.

“I would say there could be one more nice shot. One more nice dose,” Trump said regarding the stimulus.

Trump said that details regarding what would be included in the bill will be detailed for the public at the appropriate time.

“Today we’re celebrating these great companies doing ventilators and other equipment but we have a very, very specific plan. It’ll be great for the American people and our economies gonna be back soon,” Trump said.

Earlier in the day, Mnuchin said that another stimulus bill will be needed to keep the economy afloat.

He added, that for now, Congress needs to take a step back and allow the $3 trillion in aid already appropriated to get pumped into the economy.