14-year-old recovering from Kawasaki-like condition describes unbearable fever and pain: ‘Like electricity or fire coursing my veins’

8 month ago

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Jack McMorrow is battling the Kawasaki-like syndrome after he tested positive for the coronavirus. The 14-year-old is lucky to survive the “hellish symptoms” that caused him heart failure.

It all began in mid-April when Jack experienced a rash and fever, leaving his parents confused about his symptoms. The pediatrician prescribed him antibiotics but within days, his condition worsened: “The rash blew up to be a lot more than that and the fever was so high he couldn’t move anything.”

After surviving a shock and heart failure, the boy woke up feeling “fire in his veins.”

“I couldn’t move anything, even for others to move my limbs at all, was painful. The only way I could describe it was that it felt like electricity or fire coursing through my veins.”