Neighbor harasses dad who took his children to play in park, calls police on them

8 month ago

Cherry Hill news, New Jersey news.

Josh Duvall took his two kids to a nearby park to play last weekend but his decision didn’t please his neighbor who called police on them.

The father took a video showing a neighbor, down on his knees, yelling at the family: “Get out of the park. You’re going to get people sick.” The neighbor then went and called the police to complain.

Duvall said that he pays $8,000 a year in property taxes and isn’t allowed to let his children play at the park.

“This is Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and you’ve got people calling the police on a dad and two kids because they want to play outside,” and showing that no other people were at the park, he added: “Who is going to get sick? There is nobody here.”