Exhausted NYC paramedic over COVID-19 situation: ‘We’re bringing patients to hospitals to die’

2 months ago

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A New York City paramedic has described the grim, exhausting situation that health workers are currently facing as more than 41,700 city residents were COVID-19 infected on Tuesday evening.

“It’s like a battlefield triage right now,” Megan Pfeiffer said. “We’re pretty much bringing patients to the hospital to die. There are a lot of sick people. Some have a fever, some have shortness of breath. The hospitals in Queens are totally full.”

Pfeiffer is not the only paramedic to recount her daily battles on the front lines of the pandemic. Her colleague Phil Suarez shared horrific experiences: “I’ve welled up in tears at times when we take a loved one out of their home. We know that they will never see them again alive. These people will most likely die in a bed alone. It’s profound sadness.”