Wisconsin woman calls police to report killing best friend in 2002

2 months ago

Fond Du Lac news, Wisconsin news.

A 33-year-old woman is awaiting extradition to Fort Wayne, Indiana to face murder charges in connection with a fatal stabbing that occurred nearly 18 years ago.

When Indiana authorities arrived at Holly Boisvert’s home last December, she was there crying. She handed them a knife and said: “I think I killed my best friend and that’s why you’re here.”

In 2002, investigators tried to find the weapon used in the crime or a witness, but they were told that Boisvert and the victim, 17-year-old Stacy Degrandchamp, were fighting when the latter “landed on something when she got knocked into a recycle bin.” The case went cold for nearly 18 years with the lack of evidence or a weapon.

“If I had just walked away and not turned around to fight,” Boisvert added.