Louisiana woman waiting for COVID-19 test results falls dead in kitchen

4 month ago

Louisiana news.

A Louisiana woman who had coronavirus symptoms was found dead in her kitchen hours before her test results for the illness were released.

39-year-old Natasha Ott began experiencing the signature symptoms on March, 10, according to her boyfriend, Josh Anderson: “She could have gotten a test last Friday, but they only had five tests, and she didn’t want to use one of them,” he said.

During the last few days, Ott’s condition worsened. She started feeling pain in her lungs and tried to self-medicate with “medicinal whiskey.” On Thursday, a day before her death, she felt better and took her dogs in a walk. Anderson said that she sent him text messages saying that she is recovering. When she didn’t return his calls on Friday, he went to check on her and found her dead in the kitchen.