‘Chameleon’ neighbor hid in plain sight of slain victim’s family, befriended relatives

5 month ago

Cleveland news, Ohio news.

According to reports, an Ohio man was taken into custody last week for stabbing dead his neighbor in 1991 after he befriended her relatives, met them frequently and even worked with her sister at a printing business.

Daniel L. Rees faces charges for fatally stabbing Rachael M. Johnson, 23, whose burned corpse was discovered on March 30, 1991, in Akron. Investigators believed he was “hiding in plain sight” in the past 29 years and living in front of Johnson’s residence. The victim’s family who described Rees as a “chameleon” said that he has been often invited at their ceremonies such as barbecues, bonfires events, and weddings.

“There’s so much violence, and different kinds of violence in terms of stabbing, and set on fire and dumped in the street,” detective James Pasheilich said.