Milwaukee mother vanishes with two daughters following son’s funeral

2 months ago

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Milwaukee authorities are investigating the mysterious disappearance of a mother and her two daughters who were last seen in the funeral of her one-year-old son.

26-year-old Amarah Jerica Banks vanished with her two small daughters, 5-year-old Zaniya Ivery, and 4-year-old Camaria Banks following her 1-year-old son’s, Arzel, funeral. Her last known whereabouts were in North Sherman Boulevard on Saturday, Feb. 8.

The mother contacted her family on February 7 and hadn’t been heard from since. Her relatives had no idea what could have caused Banks to disappear especially after planning a brunch with her sister and having to return to work.

Anyone with information about the mother’s whereabouts is urged to call the Milwaukee Police Department at (414) - 935-7405.