Illinois woman kills boyfriend by forcing him to drink bleach

2 months ago

Chicago news, Illinois news.

An Illinois woman has been ordered to serve 15 years behind bars on Thursday after the death of her boyfriend who was forced to drink bleach while they argued inside a minivan.

27-year-old Yasmine Elder had previously pleaded guilty to second-degree murder of Darrius Ellis, 24. According to prosecutors, the woman, who was 77 pounds heavier than the victim, pinned him down and forced him to drink bleach after an argument in 2017.

Elder sustained abrasions to the neck, cheeks, and back. His stomach contents had a pH level of 12-13 rather than 5-6 which is the normal level, according to an autopsy.

A neighbor testified that Elder laughed when she knew Ellis was likely to die from his injuries. At the time of the incident, she was under supervision for attacking another man with a metal lock.