Wichita woman sentenced in beating death of toddler who wouldn’t eat hot dog at breakfast

2 months ago

Wichita news, Kansas news.

A Wichita woman indicted for beating her 2-year-old son to death after he refused to eat his sandwich got a 19-year behind bars sentence.

On May 6, 2018, officers found Anthony Tony “Bunn” dead on his family home in the Riverside neighborhood just two days after being brutally beaten by his mother, Nancy Woolheather and her boyfriend, Lucas Diel, for not eating pieces of hot dog that his mom served him during breakfast. He has sustained broken teeth, a broken arm, nose, rib as well as cut and bleeding lips.

Diel was sentenced to 49 years in prison in connection with the gruesome crime.

“Neither the rule of law nor the community tolerate this kind of harm done … to our children,” Judge Jeff Syrios said as he addressed Woolheather. “The sentence was earned for Tony’s killing.”