Barnard College student fatally stabbed while hiking in Morningside Park

9 month ago

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A Barnard College freshman was fatally stabbed amid an armed robbery while hiking in Morningside Park on Wednesday night.

18-year-old Tessa Majors was walking in the park on W. 116th St. near Morningside Drive when she encountered a group of men.

One of the men pointed a gun and tried to rob her before stabbing her several times in the stomach and running away.

The body of the freshman was found by a security guard. Nearby a hat, a butterfly knife, and an uncharged cell phone were also found.

"I guess being from a smaller town she was too naive to think about walking alone in New York City," the victim's grandmother said. "She just shouldn't have been there."

Police officers followed a trail of blood that led them to an Amsterdam Ave. apartment where they arrested a 16-year-old suspect.