2 of the three children swept away by floodwaters in Arizona found dead, girl, 6, remains missing.

6 month ago

Arizona news.

Two of three children swept by floodwaters in Arizona Friday afternoon were found dead while a 6-year-old girl is still missing, authorities said.

The boy and the girl, both five years old, disappeared during heavy storms when their family's car was stuck in the water when Tonto Creek passed through the Tonto Basin.

A man and four children managed to get out of the vehicle and were rescued by a helicopter while a woman was found on the ground.

The sheriff's office stated that one of the children found on Saturday was the child of the man and woman in the car, while the other dead child was a niece. The man and the woman were the parents of four of the seven children in the car, according to ABC15, including the third missing child.

After a search operation involving several police forces and a police helicopter, the authorities announced Saturday afternoon the tragic announcement that the bodies of a boy and a girl were found three miles downstream, at 8:45 and 11:14.

The search continues for the 6-year-old girl, whose parents were also in the car.