Man arrested after he damaged several headstones, some beyond repair, at historic Galveston cemetery.

8 month ago

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A man was arrested after police claimed to have damaged several tombstones, some of which were irreparable, in a historic Galveston cemetery.

Corey Johnson, 40, is charged with criminal mischief.

According to police in Galveston, police began receiving calls Saturday morning about someone throwing concrete and other debris on the drivers of block 4100 Broadway.

The police increased patrols in the area and found Johnson around 3:00 pm, shortly after the discovery of concrete, wood and gravestones in several Broadway streets.

Johnson was taken into custody for an unrelated public drinking charge while the Galveston police were investigating.

Employees of the Galveston City Parks Department, the group that runs the historic cemetery, told the authorities that they had discovered about 80 tombstones damaged in the past month.

He was then connected to the damage of the graveyard. Johnson's bond was $ 80,000.