Mississippi father charged in death of son found in pool of blood

6 month ago

Hattiesburg news, Mississippi news.

Mississippi authorities have charged a father with second-degree murder of his son who was shot to death and found lying in a pool of blood.

46-year-old Joel Chad Graves was jailed since Aug. 29, 2018, in connection with the shooting death of his son, Joel Scott Graves, 20-year-old, at his apartment on Aug. 16, 2018, amid a heated dispute.

A Grand Jury has signed on Sept. 18 the indictment of Joel Chad Graves who had told police officers that he had shot his son in self-defense. However, Hattiesburg Police Department Detective Erik Herrin said that the body of Scott Graves was found in a pool of blood, in a position that indicated he was lying on the floor when he was shot.