21-year-old man charged with second-degree murder after fatal shooting at a family get-together

9 month ago

Kansas City news, Kansas news.

Larry Dodds was charged with second degree murder and armed criminal acts in connection with the murder of Angela Banks and the murder of another surviving male victim.

Police were dispatched to the Noble Park Pavilion around 6 pm August 23 to investigate the sound of gunshots.

Near Gregory Boulevard and College Avenue, an officer reported the officers while on their way with a woman who needed help. This woman was Banks. The officers helped her to the hospital where she died.

Witnesses said the shootings occurred at a family reunion and a hob at the park.

According to the inspectors, the photos and videos of the meeting show dozens of adults and children spending time together in the Noble Park Pavilion before the shooting. Three men were seated.

Witnesses told the police that one of the men was the victim, a second was identified as Dodds and the third was a minor.

The detectives used photos and a video of the event to identify Dodds. One of Dodds' associates told the police that he was confident that the male victim was associating with a group of people who allegedly killed a friend of Dodds in Kansas City, Kansas.

Dodds was arrested on Saturday and was transferred to the Jackson County Detention Center with a $ 250,000 bail.