13-year-old Kentucky boy charged with kidnapping for stealing vehicle with 22-month baby inside.

11 months ago

Covington news, Kentucky news.

Police said a 13-year-old Kentucky boy was charged with kidnapping after stealing a vehicle with a 22-month-old baby inside.

Police responded to a call Thursday around 16:15. in Covington. The appellant allegedly told the police that their car had been stolen and that the thief had hit a parked car while fleeing.

The suspects took the mobile phone from the owner of the vehicle after abandoning it. The police then found two minors aged 13 and 14, based on descriptions given by witnesses. The 13-year-old had the victim's mobile phone in his pocket, the police said.

The miners were taken to headquarters for questioning. Police said the 13-year-old admitted to stealing the vehicle and cell phone. He has been charged with kidnapping, theft by illegal kidnapping and receiving stolen property.

The other boy was not charged and was handed over to his parents, the police said. None of their identities were released because of their age.