Father confesses to fatally striking baby's head to the wall

one year ago

Milwaukee news, Wisconsin news.

A 21-year-old Milwaukee father was booked into jail after he fatally punched his 2-month-old son in the head on June 5, 2019.

According to the infant's mother, Jessica McNeal, the tragedy occurred when his estranged husband, Kenta Evans, entered her home to see their son. But he eventually becomes angry and started accusing her of cheating at him. He then took her phone and "smashed it against the wall" before beating her and the boy, Jaquerrion Dancer, repeatedly.

McNeal was able to pick up the infant and got away from the frustrated Evans. As she sat down, the suspect intentionally punched her many times using closed fists while Jaquerrion in her arms.

Evans exited the home and McNeal called 911.

The child was pronounced dead at 9 p.m His death was ruled as a homicide.