Parents of missing boy sought by investigators after new evidence was found

one year ago

Crystal Lake news, Illinois news.

Investigators are now focusing their attention on the Illinois missing boy's parents after more than six days of desperate search nearby their Crystal Lake home.

Andrew Freund Sr. and Joanne Cunningham have both stopped cooperating with police and are sought with suspicion in connection with their 5-year-old son Andrew "A.J" Freund's disappearance. The initial story of the parents was that they woke up last Thursday to realize that their son wasn't home. But new evidence obtained shows that the boy's sent was picked up in the trunk of his parent's vehicle by search and rescue canine teams.

"A.J. please come home," the boy's father said on Friday. "We love you very much. You're not in any trouble. We're just worried to death. Please, please come home."