Mother who ran over son sentenced to jail

one year ago

Grand Rapids news, Michigan news.

A Michigan mother accused of running over her 9-year-old son as she dropped him off at school causing him traumatic injury to his brain was sentenced to 30 days in jail.

Tiffany Kosakowski, 36, has previously entered a guilty plea to reckless driving following the incident.

During her sentencing hearing that took place in Kent County Circuit Court in Grand Rapids, the woman claimed that she was forced to "live with this for the rest of her life."

On Thursday, she has received 6 month in jail, with all but 30 days suspended sentence. Judge Curt Benson considered her acts "simply inexcusable."

The incident unfolded last December at Chandler Woods Charter Academy's parking lot in Belmont. The child hung from the passenger-side front door almost 48 meters then was ran over.