‘Horrific and beyond comprehension’: Indiana girl, 5, dies from starvation after spending months in filthy closet

1 month ago

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A so-called mom, her boyfriend, and the woman's mother were arrested and charged in the death of a 5-year-old girl who was forced to live in a feces-covered closet for months before she died of starvation on April 9.

Kinsleigh Welty, 5, died weighing less than a 2-year-old while covered in bite marks, bruises, and lice infections.

Her mother, Toni Renee McClure, 29, was charged with murder and a litany of other charges along with her boyfriend, 27-year-old Ryan Smith, and mother Tammy Halsey, 53, who knew of the alleged abuse and did not intervene.

“The circumstances of Kinsleigh’s death are horrific and beyond comprehension,” Indianapolis Police Chief Chris Bailey said.

“No human being, let alone a child should be treated like she was. These alleged suspects, if convicted, should never step foot outside of a prison.”

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  • Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears said the deceased girl was confined to the filthy, small closet with a dresser used to keep the door locked.

    “This happened over a long period of time. The mother took proactive steps to prevent this child from eating and didn’t provide proper nourishment.”

    McClure was arrested several times over the years for abusing the girl, but every time, she regained custody of little Kinsleigh

    “She was in our home and she was safe,” Kinsleigh’s paternal grandparents said.

    “But she was handed back to her abuser and she’s not here anymore.”