SD woman shot and killed in ‘public execution’ at gas station; suspect sought retaliation

2 months ago

Rapid City news, South Dakota news.

A South Dakota woman was fatally shot in a “public execution” at a gas station last month, and a suspect is now in police custody.

Esther Wolfe, 25, was unfoundedly linked to the 2019 death of Ezekial Mayweather’s brother, police said.

Mayweather directed another person to shoot Wolfe and provided the crime weapon, police said.

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  • Wolfe was shot to death at a Rapid City gas station on Feb. 21. Mayweather was arrested days after her death and charged with aiding and abetting first-degree murder.

    “(Wolfe’s) murder stemmed from a misguided belief within Mayweahther’s family that Wolfe was responsible for his brother’s death in 2019,” authorities said.

    “However, law enforcement has confirmed that Wolfe’s involvement in Maywheather’s brother’s death is unfounded.”