Student finds human arm near NY school before more remains discovered scattered in area

2 months ago

Babylon news, New York news.

Severed human arms and leg were found at a park near a middle school and a student was the first person to make the discovery Thursday.

Police responded to Southards Pond Park in Babylon after a girl walking to Babylon High School stumbled across a human arm and called her father.

The arm missed fingertips, investigators said but had a distinctive tattoo. It appeared that the remains were not there for a long time.

Officers and the medical examiner responded to the park again after a human leg was found a half-mile away near Babylon Elementary School.

Hours later, a second arm was discovered by a cadaver dog unit about 20 feet further into the park.

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  • The arms, found in a direct line from each other, are believed to belong to a male.

    Babylon District Superintendent of Schools Carisa Manza said that the schools’ recesses were moved indoors for the day and dismissal procedures were modified in the aftermath of the gruesome findings.

    “The safety and mental health of our students is our number one priority, and we know this incident may be causing some extreme anxiety among our students, particularly high school students who were directly affected by this situation on their way to school this morning.”

    Locals were left shaken by the disturbing discoveries and fearing for their safety.

    “There’s definitely a bad vibe right here,” said a neighbor who stopped walking her dog by the park.

    “Like the last two weeks for sure. I stopped walking here by myself because there’s just weirdos.”