6-month-old girl dies after found unresponsive at illegal daycare in Tennessee

4 month ago

Nashville news, Tennessee news.

A baby girl died Thursday after she was found unresponsive at an illegal daycare in Nashville, police said.

The 6-month-old was found after a woman called 911 from the apartment in the 400 block of Welshwood Drive.

Officers rushed the baby to a hospital where she died. They learned that the child was fed at about noon and put down for a nap but wouldn’t wake up a couple of hours later.

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  • The child’s Honduran family said through a translator that her name was Madison. She was the youngest of three girls and her older sisters attended the same daycare in the past.

    Police said the apartment was illegally turned into a daycare where more than 10 other children were at the time of the baby’s death.

    No foul play, neglect, or abuse is suspected in the death but the Department of Child Services continues to investigate the case.