Kentucky mother accused of neglecting sick baby before she died from malnourishment

23 days ago

Campbellsville news, Kentucky news.

A Kentucky mother is accused of neglecting her 6-month-old daughter before she was found dead in her home Friday.

Haley Fisher, 24, now faces charges of manslaughter, wanton endangerment, abuse of a child, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

A family friend called the police to report the dead girl inside Fisher’s home. Officers noted that the child was “neglected and malnourished” and “appeared dehydrated and pale, was clothed in two one-piece jumpers, wrapped in a blanket with a cradle cap, a space heater on and the door closed.”

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  • Fisher admitted that she had been smoking meth with a man inside the apartment with her three young children present.

    The suspect’s younger son, aged one, tested positive for meth. Fisher admitted to using meth three or four times per week.

    The woman told detectives that her baby girl had been losing weight since Thanksgiving but was never brought to a doctor.

    “Ms. Fisher had ample resources to get her child medical attention but refused to do so,” the police report stated.