3 guardians of 10-year-old Hawaii girl arrested after she died from starvation, prolonged abuse

20 days ago

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Honolulu police have arrested the guardians of a 10-year-old girl who died last month from abuse and starvation.

Geanna Bradley’s January 18 death was initially filed as an unattended death after she was found dead by Debra Geron, her 67-year-old grandmother, and 35-year-old Brandy Blas.

The two women, who were arrested and charged with murder, told detectives Geanna was last seen the previous night returning to her room after dinner.

However, the child’s body bore multiple injuries including bruises, scrapes, and a “missing” nose bridge.

Brandy Blas and her husband Thomas Blas claimed the injuries were self-inflicted by Geanna who suffered from ADHD, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder.

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  • Those claims were refuted by a board-certified child abuse pediatrician who found that the injuries were the result of abusive trauma and chronic abuse including fatal starvation.

    Further evidence was recovered from the three suspects’ phones, Lt. Deena Thoemmes of HPD said.

    “These included disturbing images of a child who appears to be Geanna enclosed in a small area and bound with duct tape,”

    “The child’s arms are taped to her torso and there is duct tape wrapped around her eyes, forehead, and over the top of her head.”

    Investigators also retrieved videos capturing “violent interactions” between the suspects and the girl just two days before her death.