Indiana man admits to fatally stabbing Kroger cashier because of ‘the way he was treated’

3 month ago

Fort Wayne news, Indiana news.

An Indiana man was taken into custody after he confessed to fatally stabbing a store cashier because of the way he was treated during an earlier visit Thursday.

Perla Nieto was brutally attacked and killed in the Waynedale Kroger store’s self-checkout area at around 11:05 a.m.

Police were initially called to the store over a man threatening staff. The man left the store and returned about 35 minutes later to carry out the murder.

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  • 30-year-old Jermard J. Lewis approached Nieto from behind as she worked and pulled her toward him, stabbing her multiple times.

    He continued to stab the victim after she fell to the ground. The crime was caught on surveillance footage which helped detectives identify the suspect and arrest him.

    Lewis was arrested outside his home. He told investigators that he was angry at the way he was treated on his prior visit to the store and that he planned to attack Nieto alone.