Tennessee woman stabs boyfriend to death during argument over movie

3 month ago

Memphis news, Tennessee news.

A Memphis woman was taken into custody on Tuesday after she allegedly stabbed and killed her boyfriend during a fight over a movie.

Tasha Williams, 49, was charged with second-degree murder over the fatal stabbing of Michael Williams.

Police responded to the couple's apartment on the 3700 block of Robin Park Circle at around 6:30 p.m. over reports of an unresponsive man.

Williams admitted to responding officers that she stabbed her boyfriend in the torso. He died about an hour after the incident.

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  • A witness told detectives the couple was drinking and arguing for an hour before the attack.

    At some point during the argument, the victim hit Williams’ eyeglasses causing her a cut near her eye.

    Although he tried to help with the injury, Williams remained frustrated and retrieved a knife.

    She went up to the man as he sat in the living room and stabbed him once in the chest.

    Williams reportedly kept yelling at the victim as he layed dying on the ground. She also tried to clean up the scene, the police report alleges.