Ga. high school baseball player brain-dead after tragic training accident

3 month ago

Gainesville news, Georgia news.

A Georgia high school baseball star was declared brain-dead days after he was accidentally hit in the head by a teammate late last month.

18-year-old Jeremy Medina was accidentally hit with a baseball bat during training on Nov. 20.

Since the tragic incident, he has been in a coma. His family is planning to remove him off life support and donate his organs.

Gainesville High School principal Jamie Green revealed that the standout player leaned into a batting cage net while the teammate hit balls.

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  • “As a player followed through on his swing, Jeremy leaned into the net and was struck,” Green said.

    “There is no horseplay, no misconduct and no intent.”

    The Gainesville community has since the incident rallied around Medina’s family, his grieving dad stated.

    “(Some well-Georgia wishers) don’t even know my son, don’t even know my family, but they’re together with us in prayer and support us in this moment,” David Medina said.