Homeless Florida man stabs aunt to death after she allowed him to live at her home

8 month ago

Tampa news, Florida news.

An elderly Florida woman was fatally stabbed with a ceramic-style knife this week after she allowed her homeless nephew to stay at her Tampa home, police said.

Antelo Simpson, 30, was arrested on first-degree murder charges after the body of his 73-year-old aunt Sandra Bailey was discovered with “sharp force injuries” Wednesday night.

Bailey was pronounced dead inside her apartment north of downtown where she lived with Simpson. She was stabbed, and beaten, and “there was blood all over” the scene.

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  • Detectives found bloody shoe prints and a bloody trail between the living room and the bathroom that was covered in blood.

    The victim’s several debit cards and phone were stolen. Investigators learned that Bailey was last seen alive Monday and Simpson was with her.

    Simpson denied involvement in the murder despite evidence linking him to the scene including bloody palm and shoe prints.