Drunken Michigan man allegedly strikes wife with car killing her after dispute

10 month ago

Grand Rapids news, Michigan news.

A Grand Rapids, Michigan woman is dead after she was intentionally run over by her drunken husband following a fight late Friday, police said.

Melissa Sue Casterman, 45, was found dead on Freeman Road in Free Soil Township at around 11:15 p.m.

Her husband, 58-year-old Mark Lazon, was arrested at the scene and charged with murder after surveillance footage and evidence showed that he ran over his wife following an argument that started inside their car.

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  • Detectives said that Melissa left the vehicle and crossed the highway before Mark drove past her twice as she walked southbound on the US 31 northbound shoulder.

    The suspect then crossed the centerline and struck the victim, instantly killing her.

    “Although I am heartbroken that such an event could play out in our community and done so publicly for innocent citizens to witness, I am grateful to our investigators,” Sheriff Kim C. Cole said.

    “They worked tirelessly throughout the weekend putting this case together and did so with a commitment to finding the truth and seeking justice for the victim.”